Ruang Kreasi

Ruang Kreasi

Our Service


We offer support for event planning, starting with concept development, event design, and production services based on the requirements of the customer.


Event Organizer

The importance of innovation in planning an event is of particular concern to our team. Our team offers professional services to better understand the vision, Aim, Your event wants and needs with passion, integrity, creativity and patience to produce the perfect event with attention to detail.


Virtual/Hybrid Event

The need to program through a process of learning from a structured experience that is reflected is important in the creation of our Experiential Learning program. Our program aims to help companies and organizations to provide Experiential Learning activities both indoors and outdoors in Indonesia and abroad.



Experiential Tourism Services We are prepared to connect tourists with the uniqueness of the place and the surrounding community. Engaging the traveler on a series of unforgettable travel adventures that are inherently personal engages the senses and makes connections on an emotional level, physical, spiritual and even intellectual.