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Ruang Kreasi

About Us

Our Story

Ruang kreasi as the event organizer began to work in 2022. Ruang Kreasi became a legal entity under the name of PT. Ruang Kreasi. We have provided event organizer service. We have a wide range of creative and innovative programs which are managed by professional team.

Our Vision

To become the most reputable events management company in Indonesia, recognized for its high standards of service, management, and operations, and for being constantly expanding, incredibly flexible, and responsive to the needs of its stakeholders and business partners.

Our Mission

Ruang Kreasi’s mission is to develop and maintain working relationships with our clients that enable them to do what we do best through creation, implementing and ensuring the purpose of the event and according to the desired expectations perfectly and professionally. We clearly know that every client has different goals and expectations. Regardless of the purpose, company size or service coverage required, Ruang Kreasi is always guided by our mission, that is : “To serve our clients by providing high quality professional services that deal with their business problems. We are interesting, recruiting, and retain the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic professionals, and we provide a collaborative culture that enables them to develop professionally and personally. Partnering with our client companies, we are fully committed to enhancing the client mission and providing innovative and quality services.

Our Value

As an event organizer, Ruang Kreasi believes that our team is the best in the business. Each of our staff has played an important role in shaping what are the core values of our company through value innovation, responsiveness, transparency, integrity, confidence, and professionalism.



For our clients, we work hard to generate work that is captivating, consistent, and innovative while also bringing fresh perspectives to the table.



We do everything possible to meet the deadlines set together with our clients and remain reachable at all times for our clients.



We Inform our clients of any possible limitations to the scope of our services without delay. We also explain and detail the fees for our services and discuss any amendments before incurring the related costs.



The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. At Ruang Kreasi, we strongly believe in what we do and always aim to act properly and remain true to our core values and principles.



The belief in oneself in one’s own abilities. At Ruang Kreasi, we demonstrate confidence and thus inspire the confidence of others in turn mutual respect leads to shared success.



We are a customer-focused organization that is dedicated to developing a thorough grasp of our clients’ industries and businesses. We also go above and beyond in order to deliver high-quality services that provide answers and noticeable outcomes.

Our Team

Ruang Kreasi’s team is always proud and truly loves what we do. We bring energy, fresh ideas and pride to the events that we have done. “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” (Steve Jobs)

Denny Subagja


Tjut Mario


Fahmy Sandjaya

Project Manager

Dany Rizki T

Creative Director

Rizki Doe

UI/UX Designer